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Van vakantie tot hulp/ from holiday to aid

Doctor Dare Ogunlusi in Nigeria


I am glad to write this report of my 6 weeks trip to Nigeria which was between 28th of October to 12th of December 2015. The trip was almost cancelled because of the EVD outbreak in Africa but I am quite glad that I was able to make the trip

The aims of the trip were achieved which were to supervised the project and to see and find out if I would cope well when I finally returned to Nigeria

The success of the trip is not only on those two areas but the joy of been able to actively participate in the training and supervision of emergency physicians on how emergency patients should  be managed especially trauma patients

Also my participation in influencing the decision and surgical operative management of patient of which one is a 6 year old boy with Garland 111 humeral supracondylar fracture that was intended to be manipulated  ( see the pre and post operative X-rays below) , this was one of the hallmarks of the success of the trip

 While I was in Nigeria there were exchange of mails between one of the supporters of our project and myself.

My mails with attached pictures embedded  in the mail will be a good part of my report

Please read along



Mail sent on Nov 19

    Dear Randy

   Thanks for your mail

  The project will be 40% completed by the time the roofing is completed next week.

Here are the plans of the project (the project plan was sent as attachment)

 Presently am spending my vacation in a teaching hospital where I was before I traveled out. I have been involved  in ward round, teaching and surgical procedures

The management of long bone fractures has not changed much since I left 8 years ago

There are numerous cases of patients of tractions for weeks including a young polythenic student who was on traction for 8 weeks!

Patients still go to traditional bone setters and ending with fatal complications including a patient who died of severe sepsis and multiple organ failure.

The major form of transportation still remains motorcycle with high incidence of fractures that end with complications after treatment

Those mentioned above will benefit highly from prompt and cheaper treatment at the proposed center

Also attached are my personal statement and Proposal for the project

Thanks and looking forward to reading from you



Mail sent on Nov 19


HI Randy , this is the current picture of the project

Hi Randy.

this picture shows the project in progress. 

The roofing will be completed next week.

There are funds for that.

 Mail sent on Dec 6

Dear Randy

I am glad to inform you that the roofing was completed last week. Please see the pictures below with me standing in the front of the building. I will also send you a group of clinical pictures and x rays of patients who have been on tractions for weeks that I was able to influenced to have surgeries which were plating and k nailing. The x rays are of poor quality. Imaging a college boy on traction for 8 good weeks! and young productive adults on similar treatment modality. These are the people that will benefit from this project. I am glad I have made this trip and thank you for your continual



Plumbing and electrical woks will be commenced 

at the beginning of next year and there is fund for that 

Clinical works

Dec 6

 Clinical pictures of patients.

 All injured in a motorcycle accident a common transportation mode. The elderly patients had bilateral femur fractures, the man in red short pant mid shaftracture both patients had plating. The young man had LLD after traditional bone setting he had Knailing to correct the problem

These are just few of the clinical pictures that I have collected. I hope they will be uploaded


 Bilateral femur fractures due to motorcycle accident.  Fractures fixed with plate and screws

Had a mid-shaft fracture from motorcycle accident and had plating done


A young man with non-union after 6 months treatment at traditional bone setting he had Knailing


Operated a 6 year old boy with Garland 111 humeral supracondylar fracture, this was one of the hallmarks of the success of the trip

A case of implant failure. This patient was seen in the outpatient clinic with LLD

A school girl with severe Blount disease. Patient like this will benefit from the project